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How to Avoid Hydroplaning February 7, 2019

How to Avoid Hydroplaning, Ewa, Hawaii

No one wants to need emergency roadside assistance; however, excess rainfall means slick roads and puddles, and these conditions can lead to the driving condition known as hydroplaning. This occurs when a vehicle’s tires encounter more water than they can spin off. It results in a thin layer of water under the tires that separates the vehicle from the road, leading to loss of control and skidding. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and prevent you from needing emergency roadside assistance after a spin out.

3 Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

1. Take Care of Your Tires

Practicing regular preventative tire maintenance is one of the best ways to keep traction on slick streets. Make sure you rotate your tires regularly and replace them when it’s time for a new set. It’s also essential to keep your tires at the recommended pressure. Bald, misshapen, or incorrectly inflated tires aren’t able to hold the road as well and can lead to poor handling and skidding.

2. Drive Carefully

roadside assistanceReduce your speed when encountering slippery streets. You should also turn off cruise control and drive in a lower gear. Finally, avoid sharp turns and refrain from hard, sudden braking.

3. Avoid Dangerous Conditions

Try to avoid driving through puddles and wet patches, and stay away from the outer lanes of the road where water is most likely to pool. It can also be helpful to follow the tracks of the vehicle in front of you because this can result in a lower volume of water in your driving path.


By taking care of your tires, avoiding obstacles, and being more mindful of your driving, you can lessen the chance of hydroplaning in wet conditions. If you find yourself losing control while driving on Oahu, HI, call Tip Tows for roadside assistance. With locations in Honolulu and Kapolei, this local company provides 24-hour roadside assistance, including lock outs, jump starts, vehicle storage, and towing services. Visit them online to learn more about their services or call (808)222-3432 to request tow truck assistance.