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Common FAQ About Winter Tires & Tread Safety February 7, 2019

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Common FAQ About Winter Tires & Tread Safety, Loveland, Ohio

During the winter, when icy roads and sudden snow flurries make driving treacherous, having the right tires are more important than ever. Worn-out or out-of-season tires can make it impossible to avoid accidents when the roads are slick and other drivers make unpredictable moves. Below are answers to some common questions about why keeping an eye on your tire treads is one of the most important wintertime car maintenance tasks.

Answers to Common FAQ About Tire Treads in the Winter

Do I need winter tires?

Most vehicles come with all-season tires, which work well enough in all but the most extreme conditions. However, if you live in Ohio or another state that gets a lot of ice and snow, switching them out for winter tires will give you the traction to stay on the road when conditions are bad.

What makes winter tires so special?

car maintenanceWinter tires have specially designed treads with more depth, designed to provide more grip on slippery, icy surfaces. While all-weather tires stiffen up in cold weather, the rubber in winter tires is formulated to stay flexible in extreme temperatures, giving you traction when you need it most.

Do I need to swap out all my tires?

If switching out your tires is part of your car maintenance routine, make sure you replace the entire set. While you might have heard that you only need winter tires on the front, this actually increases the odds that your vehicle will fishtail out of control.

When should I replace my winter tires?

To provide reliable traction and control, winter tires need enough tread depth to bite into snow and ice. Most car maintenance experts recommend replacing snow tires when the tread depth is less than 5/32 of an inch. Fortunately, most manufacturers make it easy by molding a tread indicator directly into the rubber.


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