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5 Signs Your Business Needs Paving Service February 19, 2019

19th Ward, Rochester
5 Signs Your Business Needs Paving Service, Rochester, New York

If your parking lot is in poor condition, a local paving service can repair or replace the asphalt to improve both the look and the condition of the lot. However, many business owners aren't sure when to call for repairs. Watch for these five signs of deteriorating asphalt and call for commercial paving services if you see any of them.

When to Fix Your Paving

1. Old Asphalt

Asphalt lasts between 12 and 20 years depending on how much it is used. It also needs to be resealed every two years. If your parking lot exceeds that time—or it needs to be resealed—call your local paving company in advance for convenient scheduling.

2. Cracks

Paving ServiceIf your asphalt is cracked, it's essential to fix it promptly. Water can work its way inside the opening and damage it further. Cracked surfaces can also lift or sink, causing unevenness which damages tires and causes a passerby to trip—injuries which you may be liable for.

3. Crumbled Edges

If the cracking is bad enough at the edges of the lot that pieces are breaking off, schedule repairs immediately. Not only can your local paver fix the issue, but they can also reinforce the edges to prevent it from happening again.

4. Low Areas

With repeated use, asphalt sometimes develops dips and divots. This may be most noticeable after rain, as water will puddle in the low areas. You want water to run off your paving as much as possible to prevent it from soaking in and causing damage, so fixing these dips prevents a larger repair bill later.

5. Soft Spots & Bubbling

Damaged or incorrectly installed asphalt can develop soft areas where the paving doesn't support much weight. It can also be pushed up by vegetation growing underneath. These small problems cause unevenness, and can also be the weak point where much bigger problems start unless they are correctly patched.



To schedule commercial paving services and repair your parking lot, call Decca Paving in Rochester, NY. Serving the area between Lake Ontario, Elmira, Batavia, and Syracuse since 2001, this family-owned and -operated company can be relied on for everything from driveway paving to highway work. For a free estimate, call (585) 279-0948 or visit their website for more information about their commercial services. 

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