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Do's & Don'ts of Owning a Laptop February 20, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
Do's & Don'ts of Owning a Laptop, St. Petersburg, Florida

If you’ve never owned a MacBook® laptop before, the novelty of portability can be exciting and inspiring. However, while you’re consumed by the benefits of your investment, it’s crucial to think about how you will protect it. To ensure you’re on the right track, consult the following list of do’s and don’ts for new Apple® laptop owners.


Install antivirus software.

While MacBook laptops are known for their enhanced resilience against malware, you can never be too careful in protecting your personal data. To prevent a virus from raiding your hard drive and holding your files hostage, invest in an antivirus software such as Norton® or BitDefender. These will act as a second line of defense on top of your MacBook laptop’s built-in security features.

Use a case.

macbook laptopOnce you’ve protected your computer from the inside out, don’t forget to safeguard the hardware just as diligently. If you’ll be traveling with your laptop or even just taking it out to coffee shops or friend’s houses, always put it in a protective case before leaving the house. Your case should zip or snap shut and include firm padding to prevent scratches and spill damage.


Open a suspicious email.

While your spam folder does a solid job of weeding out the worst, it’s still possible to become the victim of a phishing scam. In this case, someone will send you an email with the intent of gaining personal information from you, such as your address or credit card number. They may also take this information by invading your computer with a virus. To avoid this, don’t click on any links, download any attachments, or even open an email from a suspicious sender.

Leave your laptop unattended while traveling.

For the most part, your laptop will be safe inside your home. However, if you take your laptop anywhere else, always keep it in view. Someone could easily swipe your MacBook laptop from a hotel room, a conference, or a restaurant, so don’t even leave it when you go to a public restroom. If you have a hard time carrying the case everywhere, purchase a messenger bag or backpack to go hands-free.


If you feel confident about taking care of your own MacBook laptop, stop by Experimac St. Petersburg in Florida. They offer pre-owned Apple devices, as well as computer, tablet, and iPhone® repairs. Whether your favorite gadget is no longer working or you’re in the market for another, visit their website to learn more about their unique offerings. You can also call (727) 289-3367 to speak with a tech-savvy associate.