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The Difference Between Dead & Dormant Grass April 1, 2019

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The Difference Between Dead & Dormant Grass, Enterprise, Alabama

A key part of basic lawn care is maintaining healthy grass. If yours appears brown, dry, and generally different than what you’re used to, you may wonder if it’s dead or simply dormant for the winter. Since one condition is normal and the other is not, the answer can have a dramatic impact on your lawn treatments in the spring. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Your Grass Dead or Just Dormant?

How Can You Tell if Grass Is Dead?

Both dead and dormant grass may look brown. This is a typical response to general outdoor stressors, such as sunlight and drought. Truly dead grass, however, is not salvageable despite your best lawn care efforts. The key is to test it by tugging on the grass plants. If you can pull them out without difficulty, then it’s a good sign that the grass is dead. You can also determine how healthy your yard is by watering it heavily in the winter, paying special attention to the brown areas. If it doesn’t change at all, this is another indication that your lawn is no longer alive.

What Does Dormant Grass Mean?

Enterprise, AL lawn careDormant grass is essentially a tired lawn that’s taking a bit of a break. It may look brown and lackluster just like dead grass. If you try the aforementioned tug test and the roots stay firmly put, your grass is simply dormant for the season. Even in a period of drought, your grass can survive for as long as a month without water. Simply watering it frequently is an appropriate form of lawn care, though, and can revive the blades and restore the yard’s appearance.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Dead Grass?

Grass seeds germinate especially well when it’s cooler outside, so it’s smart to tackle lawn treatments for dead grass—whether reseeding or laying new sod—in late winter. This provides the fresh roots with a healthy start when it warms up outside. A lawn maintenance expert will loosen up the soil, add quality fertilizer, and cover the ground with mulch to encourage proper germination.


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