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How Cold Weather Affects Your Door Locks February 11, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
How Cold Weather Affects Your Door Locks, Anchorage, Alaska

Extreme temperatures during winter can really impact the functionality of your home’s exterior door locks. Moisture can infiltrate locks and cause it to freeze, causing your locks to jam. Your house keys can even break off if you attempt to force the lock open. The guide below discusses locksmith best practices to prevent your locks from freezing.

A Locksmith Guide to Frozen Door Locks

How Do Locks Freeze?

Few things are more annoying than dealing with frozen locks that make it hard to open your door. Once temperatures drop below freezing any moisture inside the lock mechanism can turn to ice and make it difficult to move. Another issue is when cold weather causes locks to contract which causes the key to become incompatible and won’t allow you to open the door.

LocksmithRepeated freezing can make the metal brittle which can result in house keys becoming stuck or breaking off inside the lock. If that happens your local locksmith can safely extract the key and make a replacement while also changing the door lock to something less prone to freezing.

How You Can Unthaw Door Locks

There are simple ways to de-thaw locks, so you can safely insert your keys. The first trick is to use a hair dryer on the warm setting which will melt any ice inside the lock. You can also use a heating pad or any warm object that will provide enough heat to remedy the problem. A locksmith also has heating tools and may be able to better address the situation moving forward. You can prevent locks from freezing by keeping them lubricated with oil and keeping water out of the lock when possible.


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