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Do's and Don'ts of Planning a White Dove Releases February 7, 2019

Elsmere, Covington
Do's and Don'ts of Planning a White Dove Releases, Covington, Kentucky

Dove releases offer unique ways to commemorate a celebration of life, denote a marriage, or otherwise add beauty and peace to a big event. As this is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, many people are unsure about the do’s and don’ts associated with a release. Here are some tips to make this occasion memorable for everyone.


Discuss the location with a dove trainer.

Dove release trainers are highly versed in bird behavior. Explain the location of the event so the handler can assess the best place for the birds to wait and eventually be released. They’ll consider factors like visibility, tree cover, and noise to ensure the birds and event attendees are safe during the momentous flight.

Let attendees know about the release.

dove releaseIt’s a good idea to let event attendees know that a dove release is going to happen to prevent them from becoming startled. If you don’t inform everyone and someone reacts dramatically, they may frighten the birds and affect their course of flight. 


Plan the release when it’s dark.

Doves don’t have excellent eyesight and are prone to becoming confused in flight after dark. Make sure to schedule your release for a time when there is plenty of sunlight. Don’t worry about clouds, as they’ll diffuse light and shouldn’t be an issue.

Forget to designate a release person.

Some families choose to have the bird trainer do the dove release. However, others want to take part in this activity and designate someone to free the birds. Decide which option you’d prefer and discuss it with the trainer, so the right person is ready when the time comes.


If you’re interested in doing a dove release for an upcoming event contact A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases in Kenton County, KY, to discuss logistics. Their team of highly trained handlers is available for christenings, memorials, wedding ceremonies, and other milestones. Call (859) 727-3254 or visit the website for more information on their wedding and private event releases as well as special memorial releases for funerals. 

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