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5 FAQ on Platinum Jewelry February 7, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
5 FAQ on Platinum Jewelry, Manhattan, New York

Platinum has only been used in jewelry making since the beginning of the 19th century. It’s a strong, beautiful, and exceptionally rare metal — qualities that make it perfect as a symbol of romance for wedding and engagement rings. Using platinum in custom jewelry casting makes for a meaningful gift that symbolizes devotion and endurance. Here are the answers to four commonly asked questions about platinum jewelry.

5 Top Questions on Platinum

How does jewelry casting work for platinum?

The process of casting platinum is different from that of gold or silver. The temperatures used are much higher, necessitating specially designed molds. It also requires a special casting alloy with a fine grain and high liquidity. These difficulties are part of why platinum items make such excellent gifts: they need skilled craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. 

What is 950 platinum?

950 platinum is a blended metal. Pure platinum comprises 95%. The remaining 5% is an alloy of metals like ruthenium, copper, cobalt, iridium, rhodium, and palladium. This high percentage of platinum makes it extremely valuable. 

Is platinum safe for people with allergies?

jewelry castingPlatinum is hypoallergenic. This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Its purity also provides a brilliant white luster with an enduring beauty.

How durable is platinum?

Platinum is exceptionally hardy. Even on gold and silver bands, platinum is frequently used for the diamond setting since it won’t break or bend. It can be scratched, like all precious metals, but none of the volume of the platinum will be lost — just displaced.

How do I care for my platinum valuables? 

Platinum isn’t prone to corrosion or tarnishing, so upkeep is relatively simple. Care for your platinum jewelry by removing it before you perform manual labor or contact sports, storing it in a soft bag, cleaning it periodically with a gentle solution of soap and water, and bringing it to an expert for occasional touch-ups. 


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