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How to Protect Your PC During a Thunderstorm February 8, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
How to Protect Your PC During a Thunderstorm, Staten Island, New York

When thunderstorms fill the sky, it’s only natural to want to retreat inside where it’s safe and dry. But as you look to stay out of the weather, you might think twice about cozying up with your laptop or PC. If lightning strikes and causes a power surge, it can cause severe damage to your physical system, as well as the data it stores. Sudden power outages may also cause damage by interrupting your device’s source of electricity. If you want to avoid the need for costly laptop and PC repairs, here are three important steps you should take to defend your tech against thunderstorms.

3 Ways to Prevent Storm-Related Computer Damage

1. Use a Surge Protector or UPS

PC repairSimilar to a power strip, surge protectors provide a wealth of outlets for your computer and all of its peripheral devices. In the event of a surge, this device will block or inhibit the incoming voltage to deliver a range that is safer for electronics.

If your device requires a continuous source of power, it might be better to spend a little extra on a UPS device. Also known as a Universal Power Supply, this tool works like a battery to continue to provide your computer with electricity during an outage. To enhance your PC protection, these outlets are usually designed to protect against surges as well.

2. Unplug Everything Before the Storm

While surge protectors can provide significant peace of mind during unexpected storms, these devices can still succumb to electrical mishaps. For this reason, unplug all your devices—and surge protectors—before the thunderstorm strikes. To protect all your equipment and avoid costly PC repairs, unplug all peripherals as well—including printers and portable hard drives.

3. Backup Data Regularly

If a power surge impacts your computer, you might lose sensitive data that you had stored on the hard drive. To ensure that all of your files and programs are safe, set up your computer to schedule regular backups. During this process, all selected photos, videos, documents, and other files will be copied to a remote hard drive or cloud storage solution. In the event your computer is damaged, you’ll still be able to access any information you had backed up before the storm.


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