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What Do I Need to Do to Renew a CCW License? February 11, 2019

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What Do I Need to Do to Renew a CCW License?, Columbia, Illinois

From plumbers to engineers, countless industries require professionals to invest in continuing education to ensure they keep up with the times. However, no skill needs consistent review more than wielding a firearm. If you’ve worked hard to earn your concealed carry license in Illinois, it’s important to know that these certifications expire, and it’s up to you to renew yours by taking CCW classes. Use the following guide to ensure you’re on track.

How Often Do I Have to Renew My CCW in Illinois?

If you’ve already put in the hard work and earned your CCW license, you may be surprised to find out it is already up for renewal. Unlike drivers licenses and passports, your concealed carry license expires every five years. Plus, renewal isn’t as simple as walking into an office, paying a fee, and having your picture taken. You’ll have to retake CCW classes to prove you know how to use a firearm safely.

What Do I Need to Do to Renew It?

ccw classesLuckily, you won’t have to spend as much time proving your knowledge as you did when first training for your license. Instead of taking eight or 16 hours of CCW classes, you only need to spend two hours in a classroom and one out on the range. During this three-hour period, the instructor will help you recover any skills that may have waned in the past five years.

You’ll cover basic elements such as how to draw, care for, store, and transport your weapon, as well as form and technique when using the firearm. If any laws have changed since you first received your license, the instructor will explain the modifications in detail. You can also ask questions that may have risen during your experience with a CCW. When you’re done, you’ll be presented with the certificate you need to update your license.


If you’re preparing to renew your concealed carry license in Illinois, turn to Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range in Columbia for your CCW classes. This one-stop shop sells guns, offers repairs, and hosts shooting competitions and classes. To get immersed in the local firearm community, call them today at (618) 281-6393. If you’d rather practice solo, spend some time at their indoor shooting range. You can also learn more about their wide selection of firearm training sessions by visiting the website.

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