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5 Things You Should Know About Asphalt February 11, 2019

Middle Fork II, Forsyth
5 Things You Should Know About Asphalt, Middle Fork II, North Carolina

Home and business owners in need of new pavement often weigh asphalt against other materials for their properties. This unique mixture has a lot of characteristics that may be beneficial to your family or company, but what exactly is asphalt and how superior is it? Here’s an introductory guide to this innovative pavement to help decide on the right option for your needs.

Paving 101: Asphalt

1. It’s Made out of Recycled Materials

Have you ever driven down the highway and wondered what it was made out of? Most of the asphalt used today is recycled from other pavement, which is cost-effective and better for the planet than creating an entirely new product. 

2. Patching Is Possible

Asphalt has many benefits, but homeowners and business owners alike appreciate that it can be patched. For example, if there’s a small crack causing water drainage issues, the affected section can be filled to encourage precipitation to flow to a more appropriate area. However, larger dents or fissures may require resurfacing to provide the most even exterior. 

3. Care is Essential

asphalt Forsyth County NCIt should be sealcoated every three to four years to prevent aging and minimize fading. This process also promotes proper drainage and protects the surface from dents and cracking.

4. It’s Durable

Most asphalt can be in place for 20 to 30 years and will provide a smooth surface for travel and parking. This material is preferred for large projects like roads as well as small driveways because of its impressive ability to withstand temperature changes and heavy use. 

5. Summer Is the Best Time for Paving

Due to its unique structural nature, it’s best installed in the summer. The seasonal heat allows time for the pavement to settle and provide the smooth, solid surface you’re looking for. 


Since warm weather is around the corner, home and business owners hoping to start an asphalt paving project should contact AAA Paving Company in Forsyth County, NC, to set up an appointment. Their team has been in business for nearly 30 years, offering unmatched customer service and high-quality paving, resurfacing, sealing, and patching for all commercial and residential clients. Call (336) 723-1418 for a free estimate or visit the website for information on all their offerings in the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem area.

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