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4 Benefits Concrete Countertops Offer February 6, 2019

Windham, Windham
4 Benefits Concrete Countertops Offer, Windham, Connecticut

Concrete offers a variety of applications outside as well as inside the home, including in your kitchen. If your current countertops have reached the end of their functionality or no longer complement your kitchen's aesthetic, consider concrete replacements. Discover the many benefits these countertops offer to enjoy a more functional, visually-pleasing cooking space.

Top 4 Reasons to Install Concrete Countertops

1. Customized Results

Choose from a wide variety of colors and stains as well as custom edges when you opt for concrete countertops. The material can also be cast into any shape you desire and embedded with materials such as glass, stones, and seashells to create a unique, stunning countertop that improves the kitchen’s look. Additionally, this material provides a selling point if you decide to put your home on the market, as each countertop is customized.

2. Outstanding Durability

concreteGive yourself the gift of countertop durability—concrete lasts for decades and is virtually impervious to heat, scratches, and stains unlike other materials such as wood, laminate, and marble. Concrete holds up against hot pans and pots, spills and splatters, and sharp knives, something especially important if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

3. Easy Maintenance

Not only will you enjoy supreme durability with concrete countertops, but you will also save time maintaining them. Concrete cleans easily with gentle detergent or soap and requires resealing every two to three years to stay in working condition. Resealing keeps the material stain- and bacteria-free.

4. No Visible Seams

Enjoy looking at a virtually seamless countertop when you choose this option. Unlike other materials such as laminate, concrete seams are nearly impossible to spot, assuming they are there at all. This contributes to a more smooth kitchen aesthetic.



Whether you hired a contractor or plan to install concrete countertops yourself, rely on Builder’s Concrete East in Windham, CT, to provide the ready-mix material you need. Celebrated as the state’s premier concrete supplier, this company has enjoyed a reputation for reliability and product excellence for over 50 years. Call (860) 456-4111 to get a concrete quote for your project. Browse their products and past projects on their website

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