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3 Reasons to Use Architectural Shingles on Your Roof Replacement February 18, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
3 Reasons to Use Architectural Shingles on Your Roof Replacement, Chesterfield, Missouri

If you’re looking at a new roof replacement, you may be considering several options when it comes to shingles. Architectural shingles are just one option with a lot to offer, whether you need residential or commercial roof repair. Explore the advantages of installing architectural shingles below.

3 Benefits of Architectural Shingles

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Thanks to their three-dimensional design, architectural shingles offer more aesthetic appeal than standard shingles. They’re also better regarding versatility. For instance, these shingles have a wide range of options when it comes to colors, patterns, and textures. You may even be able to customize your shingles based on the design specifications of your home.

2. Affordability

roof replacementHigher-end shingles, such as slate, can greatly increase the cost of a roof replacement. This is not the case with architectural shingles, which are far less expensive than slate and other options. They are also incredibly durable, which saves homeowners money in the long run. While asphalt shingles are less expensive, they will need to be replaced much sooner than architectural shingles. These shingles are also highly resistant to wind and rain,

3. Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big concern when it comes to your roof. A poorly insulated roofing system can increase utility costs and lead to problems like ice dams in winter. Architectural shingles deflect sunlight, which keeps your roof an even temperature. They also feature enhanced insulation, which means you won’t need to worry about heat loss during the winter months.


If you have questions about which shingles are right for you, National Roofing is here to provide answers. These roofing contractors offer the benefit of more than three decades of experience and believe in using only the best roofing materials, which is why residents of St. Louis, MO, trust the numerous services they provide. This includes roof replacement and repair of residential and commercial properties. Learn more about how architectural shingles can benefit you by visiting the website. You can also get started on your estimate by calling (314) 808-4270 today.


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