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4 Tips for Commercial Grease Trap Pumping February 7, 2019

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4 Tips for Commercial Grease Trap Pumping, Kerrville, Texas

In commercial kitchens, sink water flows through a grease trap before heading to a septic system. Restaurants must perform regular grease trap pumping to keep their plumbing clog-free by removing fats and oils from the water to prevent them from contaminating the system. Here is a guide to maintaining your grease traps, which will promote healthy septic systems and grey-water management.

Care for a Grease Trap with This Helpful Advice

1. Install Drain Covers

Prevent viscous substances from filtering into the plumbing by placing covers over all the drains. These simple yet effective stoppers can save you costly repairs. It will also help avoid any plumbing mishaps that force you to temporarily shut down your restaurant and lose revenue. 

2. Teach Your Staff About Proper Disposal

grease pumping Kerr County TX Grease traps can only do so much to prevent fats and oils from going down the drain. It’s essential to teach your staff how to dispose of these items so they don’t pose a threat to the plumbing. Ask the kitchen team not to pour grease directly down the drain. It’s best to instead pour it into containers and toss them into the trash. 

3. Get Regular Grease Trap Pumping

It’s the grease trap’s job to collect a small amount of oil, fat, and grease. But it must be cleaned regularly to continue sifting these materials out of the water. Schedule professional grease trap pumping to ensure all the gunk is removed. 

4. Use the Right Size Trap

Have a grease trap specialist assess the size of the device. It should be large enough to promote swift drainage from any connected sinks. Traps that are too small won’t allow enough flow. They can create terrible-smelling back-ups that minimize the functionality of the sink.


Business owners looking for a competitively-priced, experienced septic team should contact A1 Septic Cleaning Service in Kerr County, TX, to set up an appointment. The company is licensed, insured, and can handle everything from cleaning and de-clogging to repairs and grease trap pumping. Call (830) 257-7867 or visit the website for information on their full lineup of residential and commercial services. 

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