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Why Flushing a Toilet Makes Your Shower Water Hotter February 11, 2019

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Why Flushing a Toilet Makes Your Shower Water Hotter, Hastings, Nebraska

If you have ever been in the shower while someone in your household flushed a toilet, you may have experienced the shock of a sudden temperature increase. It usually lasts only a few seconds, but it can be uncomfortable and startling. Below, you'll find an explanation for this plumbing phenomenon and a solution to the problem.

Why Does Your Shower Blast Hot Water After a Toilet Flushes?

To achieve a comfortable shower temperature, you must adjust the faucet to mix appropriate amounts of cold water and hot water from your heater tank. The plumbing lines feeding your shower often feature a main "trunk" line from each source—hot and cold—as well as smaller "branch" pipes that lead to different rooms in the house.

PlumbingWhen someone flushes a toilet, cold water is diverted down a separate branch pipe, leaving less available to feed your shower. The reduced flow of cold water upsets the delicate temperature mix and causes a sudden blast of hotter-than-normal spray.

What Can You Do About It?

To address the sudden temperature fluctuation, you can have a plumbing professional install a thermostatic mixing valve. This simple device senses a reduction in the amount of available cold water and adjusts the flow of hot water equally to maintain a constant temperature. While you may notice a slight decrease in water pressure, this is only temporary and usually much preferred to the alternative.


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