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3 Remodeling Tips to Make Your Home Safe for an Elderly Parent February 7, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Remodeling Tips to Make Your Home Safe for an Elderly Parent, Rochester, New York

If you’ve arranged for your aging parents to move in with you, it’s important to take all of the necessary measures to ensure that they’re safe. In some homes, it’s beneficial to remodel some areas to make them more comfortable and easier for the elderly to navigate without injury. From adding cabinets to enhancing the kitchen design, there are many steps that you can take to make life easier for mom and dad. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Make Your Home More Welcoming to an Aging Parent

1. Remodel the Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is not only an excellent way to add value to your home, but it’s also a practical way to create a safe and engaging space for your parents. A qualified kitchen design professional can create more space to accommodate mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and walkers. This includes widening doorways to add least 36 inches wide instead of the standard 24 inches to allow for easier entry and exit. You may also want to add pull-out shelving to your cabinets to make it easier for your parents to reach for items without struggling. Finally, have your kitchen remodeling expert lower the countertop height for easier reach.

2. Enhance the Bathroom

remodelBathroom remodeling can make that room safer for your parents, too. A large walk-in shower equipped with grab bars is essential for their comfort and to make it easier to use in-shower chairs if they prefer. Your renovator can also install a high toilet and bright lights to ensure proper visibility at all times. Here, too, you’ll want a wider doorway to make it easier for them to move in and out without any difficulty. Don’t overlook storage, either! Consider adding cabinets next to the shower so that mom and dad have an easy space to access what they need.

3. Modify the Bedroom

Bedroom modifications are essential to your parents’ everyday safety. Have an electrician install dimmer or touch switches for easier operation. You might also consider adding an intercom or a video system that you can monitor from other parts of the house. Lower rods in the closets, and make sure all doorways are wide enough. Carpeting is a smart floor choice because it’s slip-resistant, but be sure that they can easily maneuver around using their mobility aids; otherwise, you might prefer a smooth surface like vinyl. Avoid placing area rugs down, as these can slide or create hazards.


The experts at Arrow Kitchens & Bath understand how crucial it is to make your home as safe as possible for your aging parents. That’s why the Webster, NY-based remodeling professionals work hard to bring your vision to life. Serving Monroe County, the family-run business implements quality products and uses state-of-the-art tools to complete the job. Whether you’re installing new cabinets, considering a new kitchen design, or updating the bathroom, you can trust these professionals with over 50 years of experience to help! Visit the company online to browse some of their work, or call (585) 670-9910.

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