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Your Questions About Buying Motorcycle Insurance Answered February 8, 2019

Woods Park, Lincoln
Your Questions About Buying Motorcycle Insurance Answered, Lincoln, Nebraska

Whether you’re an experienced motorcyclist or new enthusiast, staying safe on the road is critical. Having the proper motorcycle insurance in place can protect you against the unexpected. If you’re in the market for coverage, here are several key questions to ask before securing a policy.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Motorcycle Insurance

What type of coverage do I need?

The laws vary in each state but generally, you may be required to carry liability insurance. This coverage pays for property damage and bodily injuries to other people if you’re at fault in an accident. Depending on the policy, your injuries and any damage to your bike may also be included.

Banks and other lenders may require collision and comprehensive insurance until the balance is paid off. Collision coverage pays for repair or replacement costs due to an accident while comprehensive coverage offers recovery expenses as a result of natural disasters, theft, fire, or vandalism.

How much will I pay?

motorcycle insuranceYour premium depends on several factors, such as the type of motorcycle and how old it is. Other factors that can influence the cost include the age of the driver and whether additional drivers will use the motorcycle. The good news is, like coverage for cars and trucks, motorcycle insurance offers discounts. Safety and anti-theft accessories and maintaining a good driving record can lower your premium. An agent can help identify what you’re eligible for.

Can my existing car insurance cover my motorcycle?

The short answer is no. However, if you have an existing auto insurance, you can ask for a motorcycle endorsement. This is an extension of your current car or truck policy. Keep in mind that the endorsement typically provides only the minimum motorcycle coverage required in your state. If you use your bike as a primary means of transportation, it may be best to secure a separate policy.

Does my insurance cover other riders?

If you have liability insurance, the policy will generally not cover other riders. Most comprehensive and collision plans are designed to cover an additional rider’s injuries if you were the cause of the accident. However, motorcycle insurance policies typically allow you to add other riders so that they are protected.


Before you gear up, make sure you have the proper motorcycle insurance in place. Since 1995, Allstar Insurance in Lincoln, NE, has been the community’s primary source of affordable and reliable coverage. The independent firm works on your behalf by shopping for the best rates from the nation’s leading carriers. If your riding needs call for motorcycle insurance, call (402) 477-0900 for a free, no-obligation quote. Visit the website for information on the agency’s full suite of products and services.

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