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3 Island Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel February 8, 2019

Kailua, Koolaupoko
3 Island Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

An island adds a lot of functional space to your kitchen, and it also creates room for friends and family members to pull up a stool and chat while you prepare meals. If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodel and want to add this feature, you’ll need to pick a shape that fits your layout. Here is some inspiration to inform your new kitchen design.

3 Unique Kitchen Island Styles

1. Rolling

This option is perfect for smaller kitchens where space is the most valuable commodity. While these islands usually come in a rectangular layout similar to galley islands, the wheels add portability so you can position it wherever you need it. You can have the extra countertop when you need it, but it won’t take up space in the middle of your already crowded kitchen.

2. Bent

You can incorporate either a sharp or soft bend into a long rectangular island to add visual interest. A soft bend island is subtle and sleek, pairing well with a minimalist, modern kitchen. A sharp bend separates the island into portions for seating and food preparation. To make the visuals pop, use a different countertop material for the bent portion.

3. L-Shaped

This style maximizes the storage space in your island and makes it easy to prepare meals. The large surface area lets helpful children or guests join in without crowding vital areas, like the stove and sink. Work with a kitchen remodel expert to place the L-shape in its most efficient position to ensure your kitchen is still easy to navigate.


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