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4 Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump March 14, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
4 Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump, Waialua, Hawaii

Water collecting in your basement will eat at your foundation, cause walls to warp, and damage your personal belongings. Fortunately, a sump pump will handle that excess moisture. Here are some of the specific benefits of installing a sump pump in the basement of your home.

4 Advantages of Installing a Sump Pump

1. Keeping Water Out of Your House

A sump pump’s purpose is to get rid of excess water before it can damage concrete and require repairs that could cost thousands. The pump is installed in a pit at the lowest point in the floor, where it collects water. When the pit is full, the pump activates and sends the water far away from the foundation, where it won’t leak back into the house.

2. Preventing Mold & Mildew

sump pumpMoisture in the basement promotes mold and mildew, which can quickly spread through the house, potentially causing respiratory issues and other health issues. Sump pumps prevent these infestations from occurring in the first place by removing the water these organisms need.

3. Boosting Your Property Value

If you’re putting your house on the market, sump pumps can help you get a higher price. Buyers put a premium on features that will protect their investment, and many are willing to pay for the peace of mind a sump pump provides.

4. Advanced Features

Many modern sump pumps have backup generators to ensure they keep working if the power goes out. Some will even send notifications to your phone if the water level in the basement rises above a certain level.


If you’re interested in taking advantage of these benefits by installing a sump pump in your home, turn to Gecko Enterprises. For over 25 years, their team has provided Oahu residents and business owners with sump pump and septic tank installation as well as routine septic maintenance. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (808) 637-3240 to make an appointment. You can also follow their Facebook for more tips.

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