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What Are Biofuels Used For? February 7, 2019

West Haven, New Haven County
What Are Biofuels Used For?, West Haven, Connecticut

Unlike fossil fuels—which rely on a limited supply of oil trapped beneath the Earth’s crust—biofuels are created from renewable plant and animal products. Some examples include ethanol, biodiesel, and green diesel. Although many people aren’t aware of how biofuels can be used, these versatile fuel sources can help homeowners and business owners meet a variety of their daily needs. 

3 Uses for Biofuels

1. Transportation 

biofuelThe most common use for biofuel is ethanol in cars. Although most varieties of gas in the United States contain at least a small percentage of ethanol, the two most common blends of ethanol gas include E10, which is 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline, and E85, which contains anywhere from 51% to 83% ethanol. These varieties of biofuel increase octane while reducing emissions, keeping the air cleaner.  

2. Electricity Generation

Since people today rely so heavily on electricity, biofuels are used in many parts of the world to bolster the power grid. In the United States, biofuels are used in about 21% of all renewable energy created, helping to power homes, businesses, and power grids across the country. 

3. Heating  

Biodiesel can be used to fuel home oil furnaces, reducing your costs and carbon emissions. Additionally, since biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel source, oil-burning furnaces that run on these natural resources stay cleaner, improving the appliance’s life span and reducing the need for repairs. 


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