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Top 4 FAQ on IP Phone Systems February 7, 2019

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Top 4 FAQ on IP Phone Systems, Manhattan, New York

When running a business, one of the most important tasks is to establish a reliable communication system. With so many different types of operations going digital, it makes sense that business phone lines would make the change as well; Internet Protocol — IP — phone systems are becoming increasingly popular. If your company hasn’t already been implementing them, you probably have questions, and you’re not alone. Here are some of the most popular questions about IP phone systems.

A Guide to IP Phone Systems

What are IP phone systems?

ip phone systemsAs their name suggests, these systems depend on an internet connection instead of a traditional landline. Thanks to special software and IP-enabled hardware, such as handsets and headsets, they can make a call just like any normal phone.

What are some unique benefits?

Unlike traditional landline phone systems, an IP phone system allows you to take calls on your computer and cell phone as well as the phones in the offices! This gives you and your employees more flexibility in availability, which helps increase overall productivity.

Can I keep my current landline number?

It depends on your provider. Many offer this service, which is also known as “porting,” but some do not. There may also be a fee involved.

Are they cost-effective?

Although every business is unique, for the most part, choosing an IP phone system in lieu of a traditional landline often leads to savings, since there’s only one telecommunication line to worry about. Initial setup can be more expensive than a landline, but the reduced service fees keep things lower in the long-run.


Whether you’re in real estate or finance, if you have a business and are considering having an IP phone system installed, call Velstar International today at (212) 882-1345. With partners all around the globe, you can trust this experienced telecommunications company to understand and accommodate your needs. For a preview on what they can do for you, visit the real-time quote portal on their website.

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