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A Guide to Buying a Home With a Private Well February 6, 2019

Saratoga, Wood
A Guide to Buying a Home With a Private Well, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Purchasing a home with a private well has its perks, such as access to naturally purified water and not having to pay a monthly bill for it. However, it’s essential to take a few steps to ensure the water supply is up to par and safe for daily use. Have a residential plumber or well contractor give your water system the green light before closing the deal on a new home. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a home with a private well.

What Questions Should You Ask?

It’s important to be thorough when getting information about the private well to understand how it works, as it might give you leverage when negotiating the property’s purchase price. Try to know its full history, such as when it was built and how often it was maintained. Most conscientious sellers keep maintenance records of their home’s systems, so they can readily provide detailed reports when requested. Inspect the water heater and filtration system, as well, to determine if they’re well-maintained.

How Do You Decide if It’s the Right Choice for You?

residential plumberAfter getting answers from the home seller, it’s time to do a little bit more research. Look up known or common water issues in the area by asking your real estate agent, chatting with your future neighbors, or searching online. Most local authorities, including the Environmental Protection Agency, post public announcements on mandates, issues, and warnings about the water supply in the area. An underground aquifer is a shared resource that can affect several households at once. Verify with the local health department about recent issues, including policies and regulations on private wells and water testing. Rather than perform a visual check on your own, hire a well contractor or residential plumber to conduct a thorough inspection of the well’s location, construction, and condition. As part of an overall inspection, have the water tested for quality and possible contamination to cover all of the bases.


Having a private well on your property also means that you are responsible for its maintenance. Since 1985, residents in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, have turned to the residential plumbers at Powell Plumbing & Pumps to keep their wells working. Serving the entire Wood County community, they provide outstanding well installation and repair services. Call (715) 325-2050 to schedule an inspection by a residential plumber, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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