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4 Advantages of Poly Septic Tanks February 6, 2019

Irondequoit, Monroe
4 Advantages of Poly Septic Tanks, Irondequoit, New York

Septic tanks have to be completely watertight, long-lasting, and strong enough to withstand the pressure of the surrounding earth. While many models are made of concrete, polyethylene plastic tanks – poly septic tanks, for short – offer considerable advantages. If it’s time for a septic system upgrade, consider the benefits of this material for your installation. 

4 Benefits of Poly Septic Tanks

1. Fewer Leaks

A leaking septic tank may contaminate groundwater, spread disease-causing bacteria through your yard, and potentially damage your home. Concrete tanks are extremely durable, but some designs feature seams that are prone to leakage. Polyethylene tanks, on the other hand, are cast as a single piece of plastic, with no seams or other weak points.

2. Easier Installation

Traditional concrete septic tanks are usually fabricated off-site, then transported to your home. Delivery and placement typically require heavy trucks and powerful cranes. Polyethylene tanks are so light most can be transported in the back of a standard pickup truck and even lowered into the excavation by hand, which will save you on labor and equipment costs. They’re also versatile and suitable for most properties, depending on the water table or grading. 

3. Less Expensive

poly septic tankEven beyond what you’ll save on installation, plastic is a cheaper material than concrete, so the poly septic tank itself won’t be so costly. Given its lightness, it’s also easier and more affordable to replace or repair in the event of damage. 

4. Corrosion Resistance

The material inside of a septic tank is highly corrosive, capable of eating through tempered steel and other metals. If rebar or mesh reinforcements were exposed during the installation, concrete tanks can fail within a few years. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is completely resistant to corrosion, and should last for decades with minimal maintenance.


Whether you want to install a new poly septic tank or need fast, effective repairs, turn to the experts at Tri County Systems. They’ve long served homeowners throughout Rochester, NY, building a reputation for dependable service and reliable results. Visit their website for more on their wide range of services or call (585) 467-2550 to discuss your septic problem and request a quote.

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