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Welcome to Santiam Medical Clinic, Part of Santiam Hospital. When it comes to your family and your health care, we understand how important it is to find the right medical provider. We are committed to lifelong exceptional care provided to you and your family. Santiam's primary care clinic is a state-certified, Patient Centered Primary Care Home( PCPCH). As a result the staff and the medical providers emphasize care coordination and communication. Ultimately primary care centers around the medical needs of our patients. It is our goal for you to live a healthy, vibrant, and well balanced life. We know you'll be well cared for by our excellent staff. Santiam Medical Clinic specializes in family medicine for all stages of life. As a family based clinic, our patients come here for many of their medical needs, including well-child and adult wellness exams, ages and stages, vaccines, and the ongoing management of acute and chronic disease. The clinic also offers on-site surgeries and procedures, hosts annual sports physicals at a reduced cost, and flu clinics. For your convenience Santiam Hospital not only offers a family doctor in Mill City, and we also have a Family Clinic in Aumsville, Stayton, and Sublimity Oregon.

5 Ways to Help Your Loved One in the Hospital June 24, 2019

5 Ways to Help Your Loved One in the Hospital, Mill City, Oregon

Getting the news that a loved one has been hospitalized is often jarring, whether you were aware of prior health issues or not. However, there is peace of mind in knowing that your friend or family member is receiving the necessary specialized care. Use the tips in the guide below to help them during their hospital stay to make the experience as positive as possible.

How to Support a Hospitalized Loved One

1. Ask Lots of Questions

Talk to the nurse assigned to your loved one about the type of specialized care they are receiving. Ask questions about anything you do not understand so you can relay the information to other concerned friends and family members. Bring a pen and paper with you to write down information, since what is clear at the moment may be harder to remember later. 

2. Gather All Related Paperwork

Visit the family member’s house to gather all pertinent paperwork, including their insurance information and medical history documents. Lists of medications the person is currently taking or information on any other existing health conditions are also useful to the physicians. 

3. Bring Comfort Items From Home

While you are at the hospitalized family member’s house, fill a bag with comfort items such as favorite pillows and blankets, toiletry supplies, movies and books, magazines, plush animals, and anything else the person asks for. Additionally, find clothes your loved one can change into when leaving the hospital.

4. Take Care of the Person’s Household

specialized careAssure the family member that you will take care of responsibilities back home, such as watering the plants, taking care of the dog or cat, sorting through the mail, and cleaning. Depending on how long the person will need specialized care, you may have to arrange payment for utility and phone bills. These jobs will help relieve their stress, which will further aid their recovery.

5. Be There

Remember, the most help you can give your loved one during a hospital stay is by being there. Listen to the person’s concerns and make positive comments, watch favorite television shows and movies together, or even read in silence. Your presence is often enough.


If you or a loved one needs specialized care, rely on the compassionate team at Santiam Hospital. Providing residents throughout Mid-Willamette Valley, OR, with outstanding health services since 1953, this hospital includes a surgery center and emergency room. Call (503) 769-2175 today to schedule an appointment or visit the hospital online for their list of locations and clinics. Like the Facebook page for regular health and wellness tips.

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