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The Do's & Don'ts of Chain Link Fence Maintenance February 7, 2019

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The Do's & Don'ts of Chain Link Fence Maintenance, Kenai, Alaska

Known for their affordability and durability, chain link fences offer many residential, commercial, and industrial applications; they can keep children and pets safe in the backyard or create a perimeter around restaurant garbage bins. If you recently had one installed, following the easy tips below can help it stay in good condition for years.


Use rust-resistant finish.

Purchase a chain link fence with a galvanized coating to protect it from rust. Galvanized fences can last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance. If yours is not coated, apply a rust-resistant finish every spring. Rust protection is especially important if it’s near gardens and gets sprayed with water frequently.

Keep it clean.

chain link fenceClean a chain link fence two to four times a year, especially if it’s close to a road or driveway. A garden hose on the highest setting will remove mud, bird excrement, and leaves, but use a scrub brush with biodegradable soap for serious buildup. If you paint your fence, allow each layer to dry completely to prevent flaking. A splash of mineral oil to all of the hardware will keep the parts from getting rusty and creaky.


Allow vines to take over. 

While vining plants may look good and even provide privacy on a chain link fence, they can grow through the links and result in warped panels. Warping worsens during periods of heavy rain and snowfall, which could cause serious structural damage. Vines can also lift a fence from the dirt or breaks links. Broken links often have sharp edges that can turn a chain link fence into a hazard.

Neglect loose connections. 

Check for loose screws and nails after every wash. You should tighten each screw and bolt as well as reinforce and replace nails as needed to retain its sturdiness. If the posts aren’t stable, contact a local contractor for professional repair services.


Work with the talented contractors at Four Seasons Fence Co LLC to keep your chain link fence in excellent condition. Located in Kenai, AK, this contractor has provided a wide range of installation and repair services to home and business owners in the Kenai area for over 15 years. They offer a variety of fencing options, covering everything from decorative to electric. Call (907) 776-5228 today to discuss your needs, request a free estimate online, or like the Facebook page for more tips.

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