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4 Popular Kitchen Layouts for Your New Home Build February 6, 2019

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4 Popular Kitchen Layouts for Your New Home Build, Bigfork, Montana

Custom home construction is an opportunity to build a structure that completely meets your family's needs. One of the biggest obstacles with the process is choosing the right style of kitchen. While there are a variety of layouts, it's not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Here's a review of the four most popular styles to help you determine which one is right for your home design.

Kitchen Layouts to Consider for Your New Home Design

1. Galley

Galley kitchens are designed with efficiency and functionality in mind. Composed of two opposing walls fitted with counter space, appliances, and cabinets, the layout offers ease of movement between preparation and cooking areas. If you want to optimize floor space, galley kitchens are ideal. However, the tight accommodations pose a challenge when more than one cook is present. 

2. L-Shape

As the name suggests, L-shaped kitchens mimic the shape of an L with two walls attached at the corner. This layout is common in home designs with open layouts, as it can be placed adjacent to a living or dining area. One downside to this shape is the limited space for preparation; but, increased counter space is available with the addition of an island. The feature also provides extra seating space when one side is utilized as a bar.

3. U-Shape

home designU-shaped kitchens are ideal for homeowners who need extra storage space for small cooking appliances or dishware. Also known as a horseshoe kitchen, the design features three walls and usually opens up to a dining space. While U-shaped kitchens are generally large, counter space for prep is limited when multiple individuals are cooking. For an enhanced work area, add a square or rectangular island to the center of the kitchen.

4. G-Shape

Similar to the horseshoe arrangement, G-shape kitchens display three full kitchen walls with an additional half-wall peninsula. Typically, the extra cabinet space also serves as a bar area. This setup offers more counter space without inhibiting movement with a room-center island. As such, it's the ideal kitchen design for homes where cooking is a family affair. However, the fourth segment can inhibit the walkway if its too long, so be sure to choose measurements with foot traffic in mind.


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