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What to Do If Your Heat Stops Working During Winter February 6, 2019

Marietta, Washington
What to Do If Your Heat Stops Working During Winter, Marietta, Ohio

Heat is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature during the cold months of winter. If the system suddenly quits working, it’s only a matter of time before a chill begins to develop in each room. While this might not be a common occurrence, taking the necessary steps can keep you safe. Here’s a guide to help if the residential HVAC system unexpectedly shuts off.

3 Steps for When the Residential HVAC System Shuts Off

1. Check the Neighbor’s Houses

residential HVACFirst, determine the root of the problem. If the entire street is dark, it’s likely a neighborhood-wide power outage. Report these to your municipality, so they can return power to your area. However, if the neighbor’s lights are on, then the problem is within your home and will require the assistance of an electrician or HVAC repair professional. Either way, put on extra layers to stay warm while you wait for help.

2. Seal Any Cracks

Preventing heat loss should be a top priority when the residential HVAC system stops working. Close the doors to rooms that are along the exterior of the home to keep the indoor temperature from dropping. Reduce drafts by stuffing towels and blankets around the edges of windows and doors. Lowering the blinds after the sun goes down will also help to maintain a consistent level of warmth.

3. Use a Temporary Heat Source

Find a way to generate heat while you wait for the HVAC company to arrive. Switch on the emergency heat on your thermostat, and consider using a fireplace or wood stove to provide additional warmth. If these measures are not enough to keep your family warm, ask nearby friends or family if you can visit their home until the issue is resolved.


If you need emergency residential HVAC repair, reach out to the experts at Wilson Heating. These local HVAC contractors utilize the industry’s latest techniques to restore each system to full functionality. They are NATE-certified®, and they provide the timely emergency services that their clients deserve. Call (740) 373-7874 to schedule your free in-home estimate, and visit their website for more information on their heating services.

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