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How to Introduce Your Child to Computers February 6, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
How to Introduce Your Child to Computers, Brooklyn, New York

A high level of computer literacy is a must for academic and professional success these days. Cell phones, computers, and tablets are everywhere, meaning that even before preschool, children are aware of and have access to technology. Teaching your child how to use these devices productively and healthily will benefit them immensely. Use the tips below to give them all the advantages of computers while avoiding risks. 

A Parent’s Guide to Children & Technology 

First Steps Towards Learning

There are no strict rules for introducing your child to technology. When you begin may depend on your parenting priorities and your child’s level of interest. Though many children are fascinated by the sights and sounds of the computer at around 6 months, they may not understand how to be gentle with a keyboard or device until they’re 1 or 2 years old. It’s typically appropriate to begin introducing your child to the technology at this stage. Try playing videos aimed a little ones that feature amusing songs or characters. 

As your child ages, you’ll be able to use software with them. Show them how to carefully press buttons or a touchscreen. They may be able to use point-and-click games on their own that help them learn pattern recognition and other skills useful for preschool. 

As your child learns to read, you can move on to more advanced lesson-based programs that cover topics like math, reading, and geography. With the appropriate supervision, you may also begin to introduce them to the concept of the internet at this time. Most children won’t have the finger span to type comfortably until age 8 or 9, but some can begin earlier. 

Establishing Limits

preschoolIf you feel comfortable, you can eventually allow your preschool-age child to use the computer or tablet without close supervision. Install plenty of fun and educational games and show your child how to access them. 

While there are many instructive benefits to letting your child use technology, monitor how much time your little one is spending on a device. Limit screen time to an hour or so per day. Excessive use can lead to health issues such as poor posture and eye strain. It can also detract from other learning opportunities, such as outdoor or social play. 

While most preschool-age children won’t know how to surf the web freely, it’s best to use parental controls to prevent accidental exposure to inappropriate content or malware. As your child becomes more independent in their computer usage, talk to them about basic safety, such as avoiding strangers online or identifying suspicious links. 


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