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What Steps to Take When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim February 8, 2019

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What Steps to Take When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim, Monroe, North Carolina

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day, and the aftermath can be scary and uncertain. Part of the confusion may stem from not knowing how to properly file an auto insurance claim with your provider. By following a few steps, though, you’ll be able to submit your claim accurately and in a timely manner. Here are several measures to take after a road mishap.

How to Properly File an Auto Insurance Claim

Report the Accident’s Details

Be sure to document as much information about the accident as possible. This includes the date, location, how many vehicles were involved, and if injuries occurred. Don’t forget the type of cars impacted and whether buildings or other structures were damaged. The more details provided, the faster the claim can move through the processing channel.

File a Police Report

Obtain an official police report to submit with your auto insurance claim. Their account of the accident will help corroborate your information with what the police officer observed. Ask the officer how long it will take to get a copy of the report. The sooner you have it, the more it can help speed up the claim processing.

Work With an Adjuster

auto insuranceAn insurance adjuster can help determine a final settlement after the accident. Your auto insurance agent is a valuable resource here because they have the connections to help process the claim so that it’s fair and equitable.


The aftermath of a vehicle accident can be unsettling. Following through by collecting all of the necessary information will expedite filing an auto insurance claim. For 20 years, Tammy Ross Insurance in Monroe, NC, has helped its clients with personalized and impeccable service. The team of professional agents understands the claim submission process and will gladly walk you through the process. As an independent agency, the locally owned firm works with a number of leading carriers and knows how each claim process works. If you’re in the market for new car insurance, call (704) 233-4981 for a free, no-obligation quote. Visit the website for information on the agency’s full suite of products and services.

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