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3 Signs You Should Have Your Brakes Inspected February 7, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Signs You Should Have Your Brakes Inspected, Lincoln, Nebraska

The braking mechanisms are among the most critical systems in your car, with a direct impact on your safety and that of others on the road with you. However, these often-used devices are prone to wear and tear. The following guide lists signs that they should be looked at by a professional, who will recommend whatever course of brake repair is necessary.

What Signals Indicate You Need Brake Repair?

1. Squealing & Grinding Noises

When the brake pads wear down, you’ll start to hear a high-pitched noise from metal scraping on metal. Left uncorrected, this will result in grooves being made in the brake rotor, which will be expensive to fix.

2. A Wobbling Steering Wheel

brake repairThere are multiple reasons for a steering wheel to feel loose, including faulty alignment. However, when this looseness occurs specifically when you apply the brakes, then it’s likely due to an uneven rotator. This is an essential component for slowing down the vehicle, and when it starts to wear down unevenly, it affects your control.

3. Leaking Brake Fluid

Your car uses brake fluid in order to create the hydraulic pressure needed to slow the vehicle down. A leak in the fluid’s reservoir causes it to trickle away, resulting in an inability to slow. This situation is both wasteful and dangerous, which is why you should schedule brake repair immediately.


If you’re in need of brake repair, exhaust system work, or auto diagnostics, turn to the experts at Kelly’s Auto Repair Inc. Located in Lincoln, NE, they have over 25 years of experience serving residents of their community by keeping their vehicles in roadworthy shape. They believe that honesty and hard work are the best way to build relationships with clients, which is why they take time to answer all questions. Learn more about their services or schedule an appointment by calling (402) 467-4602 today.

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