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3 Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial February 5, 2019

Maplewood, Rochester
3 Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial, Rochester, New York

Clinical trials are crucial steps for drug testing and require the help of the public. You may have been invited to participate in a trial by your health care provider, or may have seen a notice calling for volunteers. Here are the main reasons people choose to participate in this process.

Why Join a Clinical Trial

1. Put New Medicine on the Market

Before the FDA approves any new drug for sale, they require data on its effects from the company developing the medication. The only way to fully understand the medicine’s effects on the human body is to test it on subjects in clinical trials. Pharmaceutical manufacturers begin with laboratory or animal testing for basic safety purposes before the FDA allows them to test on humans. Many people choose to help in this process so that the new medicine can be approved and become available to those who need it most.

2. Record Accurate Data

Clinical TrialDrugs often affect people differently depending on factors like their age, sex, weight, race, and existing health conditions. For this reason, well-designed clinical trials seek a wide sampling of diverse individuals, or multiple studies may be conducted on different demographics. Historically, some groups have been underrepresented in these tests, so volunteering is the best way to ensure your demographic is represented.

3. Access the Latest Treatment Options

If you have an existing health condition and the treatment options available to you aren't satisfactory, you might choose to join a clinical trial to get a supply of experimental or investigational medicines. Many people with a wide range of medical needs receive cutting-edge therapies in this fashion. Patients are monitored closely during the trial and are well-informed of the potential hazards. While not all drugs tested produce the intended result, many patients still consider this approach worth the risks, particularly if the illness is life-threatening. 


Contribute to medical science and potentially life-saving treatments by participating in a clinical trial. If you’re ready to volunteer, Rochester Regional Health Laboratories in Monroe County, NY, will help you find one. In addition to providing quality 24-hour lab testing since 1975, they’re also involved in sponsored drug testing for many different medications. To ask about their current and upcoming projects, call (585) 525-5227 or contact them online.