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4 FAQ About Video Sewer Inspections February 13, 2019

Norwalk, Fairfield County
4 FAQ About Video Sewer Inspections, Norwalk, Connecticut

Video sewer inspections can give you a detailed look at the overall condition and performance of your sewer and drain lines. It can help you identify clogs, make sure there are no leaks or breakages, and help you plan for any remodeling projects that involve your plumbing system. If you believe you may need this type of service or simply want to learn more, here are answers to some of the top questions about this service.

Answers to Common Questions About Video Sewer Inspections

What is a video sewer inspection?

The process involves a drain cleaning or plumbing company using a specialized video line through your waste pipes. While this is happening, you can stream the video footage to get a live look at the inside of your pipes and sewer system, giving you and your sewer inspector a chance to evaluate the overall condition and call attention to any areas of concern.

How do I know if one is necessary?

video sewer inspectionA video sewer inspection may be necessary if you notice a problem in your plumbing system, such as clogged drains that cannot be fixed using plungers or drain cleaners. You may also consider investing in one if your drainage system is more than 40 years old, since older pipes may be more vulnerable to damage or corrosion. It’s also a beneficial service to conduct if you’re moving into an older home or if you’re planning any kitchen or bathroom renovations.

Why is it important?

Having this type of inspection performed allows you to identify potential issues quickly. If there is a leak or a blockage, a video inspection can help you identify exactly where the problem is located so your plumbing or drain cleaning professional can access that specific pipe section right away.

Can I perform this type of inspection on my own?

Some homeowners prefer DIY solutions whenever possible. However, without the proper video sewer equipment, it will be difficult to locate problem areas. Rather than attempt to rent or create your own video equipment, it’s more affordable and effective to hire a company to perform this inspection for you. This way, you have an expert eye that can quickly spot clogs or signs of wear.



If you’re interested in learning more about video sewer inspections or scheduling one for your own home, call the professionals at All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning. Serving Connecticut’s Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, and areas surrounding Fairfield County, the company offers drain cleaning, water jetting, and rooter service to both homes and businesses. With more than 20 years of experience, the licensed and insured company provides quick service and uses state of the art equipment. Call (203) 286-4498 to schedule an inspection or visit their website to read more about their sewer line cleaning services. 

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