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What Landlords Should Know About Evictions in Wisconsin February 5, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
What Landlords Should Know About Evictions in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

If a tenant fails to pay their rent or continually violates the terms of their lease, you may have no choice but to start eviction proceedings. While you’re within your rights to evict tenants who abuse your property or don’t pay rent, Wisconsin law also provides renters with significant legal protections of their own. Before taking action, property owners should consult with an attorney to ensure all legal procedures are followed correctly.

Evicting a Tenant in Wisconsin

Violating the Lease

Wisconsin law has different legal requirements for eviction, depending on the cause. If the tenants are month-to-month, you may give them a 14-day notice to leave if they’ve violated the terms of the lease or substantially damaged your property. If, however, their lease is a fixed-term agreement, you must give the tenants the opportunity to correct the issue before beginning an eviction lawsuit.

Failing to Pay Rent

attorneyIf the tenant failed to pay rent, landlords must give them five days to either vacate the premises or pay the amount owed. However, if you’ve given the tenant a five-day notice within the previous year, you can give an instant 14-day vacate notice—without the option to pay what they owe.

Filing an Eviction Suit

Even if the tenants haven’t responded to your warning notices, you may not force them out until you’ve won a lawsuit. Locking tenants out or removing their belongings before the conclusion of your case can provide them with grounds for a suit against you, so consult an attorney before choosing a course of action. Their expertise will ensure you regain control of your property as soon as possible—without accidentally violating the law.


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