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3 Propane Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids February 5, 2019

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3 Propane Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids, Connersville, Indiana

Used for everything from cooking to keeping warm, propane is quickly becoming essential for many households. However, because it’s flammable, handling the tank must be done with extreme care, especially if you have children at home. Even if there’s only one appliance that uses propane, make sure to impart the following safety lessons to your children.

Propane Safety Tips for Families With Young Children

1. Propane Tanks, Matches & Lighters Are Tools—Not Toys

Whether you have a small, portable tank or a large, stationary one, make sure your kids know to not play around with them; accidentally loosening the components can cause some propane to leak out, which can lead to a fire. If you have extremely young children, it might be best to block off their access entirely. Since tanks should be left outside and away from the home, you can set up a gated fence with a locking mechanism to keep them out. As for the matches and lighters, keep them out of sight as well.

2. Appliances Require Adult Supervision

propaneIn addition to the tools listed above, the appliances that use propane should also be handled carefully. Whether it’s an outdoor drill, water heater, or fireplace, remind them to leave it alone unless they’re with an adult. As they get older, you can teach them how to safely operate these devices.

3. Emergency Plans Are Essential

Aside from proper use, you must also create a contingency plan in case of a gas leak. First, teach them that the smell of rotten eggs indicates a leak. Then, establish a meeting place for evacuation; it should be far away from the tank and on high ground. If they’re old enough, you can show them how to shut off the gas before evacuating, but if they’re too young, tell them to alert you or any adult in charge of the smell.


If you and your children already adhere to these safety rules and your main concern is your propane supply, Murphy’s Gas Co. Inc. has you covered. Located in Connersville, IN, this family-owned and -operated company has proudly served residents and businesses throughout the area since 1947. Whether you’d like to schedule a refill, delivery, or installation, they can help. To schedule service, call them today at (800) 284-9585 or visit their website.

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