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How to Keep Score in Golf February 6, 2019

Waikane, Honolulu
How to Keep Score in Golf, Waikane, Hawaii

Hitting the golf course for some friendly competition makes for a fun day, whether you’re going with friends or hosting a business meeting with a potential client. However, you’ll need to understand how scoring works to compete fairly. Use the guide below to fill out your golf scorekeeping card with ease and accuracy.

How to Count Strokes

Count a stroke every time you take a swing at the ball with the intention of hitting it. If you swing and miss, or swing and send a ball in the wrong direction, these still count as strokes. You’ll mark your first stroke when you drive your ball off the tee and your final stroke when you putt the ball into the hole. The total number of swings you took counts as your score for the hole. You then start your count over at the next one.

How to Compare With Par

golfPar, which should be indicated on each hole or your course score sheet, tells you the number of strokes an experienced golfer is expected to make. There may also be an overall par for the course.

Once you’ve played the hole and counted your strokes, you can compare your score to par. For example, if you count four strokes on a hole with a par of two, then you are 2-over. If you make par, this is called even or level par. One stroke over par is called a bogey, while one stroke under par is called a birdie. You can use plus and negative signs to indicate your relation to par on each hole, then add them up at the end to see how you fared for the course as a whole.


Beginners and experts alike will find an impressive golf experience at Bay View Golf Course in Kaneohe, HI. This 18-hole, 3,400-yard golf course pairs incredible ocean views with various levels of challenging holes. Practice your swing on their driving range, then hit their par-60 course for a game. Book your tee times online or by calling them at (808) 247-0451. Don’t forget to ask about their kama‘aina rates!

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