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3 Educational Toys That Help Kids Learn Math February 5, 2019

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3 Educational Toys That Help Kids Learn Math, Milford city, Connecticut

Even at playtime, children are constantly learning and absorbing information. Educational toys are effective at combining fun with the cultivation of skills your child will need to succeed. They’re especially effective for introducing your little one to basic arithmetic, building comfort and aptitude with numbers that will serve them well in school. Try the following math-based games while enjoying quality time together.

Top Fun & Educational Toys to Practice Math Skills

1. Board Games

Board games help children practice their math skills. Children must roll a die or pair of dice and count out the number of spaces they’ll go for their turn. Choose a game depending on your child’s age. Candyland™ and Chutes and Ladders™ are popular choices for younger children. Monopoly™ and Settlers of Catan™ are longer-form strategy games that will help older children see that math doesn’t have to be boring.

2. Dominoes

educational toyDominoes are versatile toys. There are many easy-to-play games that will introduce your kiddo to basic math concepts or help them practice.

Domino War, for instance, is an engaging yet simple game for children. Each player gets a pile of dominoes. Every player flips one or two at a time per round. Whoever has the highest number of dots takes all dominoes for the round, with the goal of the game being to amass as many dominoes as possible. Have your child practice addition by tallying up the number of dots they have. You can also practice basic arithmetic by having them subtract the number of dots on one piece from another. 

They’re even accessible for younger children who may not be ready for the rules that games entail. For example, as you stack your set up in a row to knock them down, ask your little one to count aloud the dots on each piece. 

3. Playing Cards

Playing cards are convenient ways to teach children math. They’re portable, so they’re perfect for long trips. There are also countless games your child can play either alone or with friends and family. Select your game depending on your child’s age and the number of people playing. For example, the game War is ideal for younger children thanks to its simplicity and rapid pace. Go Fish is a slightly more challenging one for players over the age of four. More complex games for older kids could include Rummy, Nerts, or Cribbage.


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