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How to Select the Perfect Snow Shovel February 5, 2019

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How to Select the Perfect Snow Shovel, Irondequoit, New York

Humans have made tools to remove snow from their properties for thousands of years. The earliest example of a snow shovel dates back to ancient Russia, as a snow removal implement made from carved antler bone was found in a bog and estimated to be 6,000 years old. Snow shovels have evolved considerably since then, with many designed to reduce back strain. Since snow weighs between seven and 20 pounds per cubic inch, the right shovel keeps back and shoulder pain to a minimum while also helping you clear the white stuff quickly.

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Snow Shovel

1. Goals

If you would rather push snow off your property instead of shoveling it to prevent back and shoulder pain, purchase a shovel with a wider blade. Snow shovels with 24 to 30-inch blades allow you to push larger sections of snow. Those with scoop-type blades offer shoveling as well as pushing capabilities. Some come with wheels for even easier pushing and extra muscle and joint relief.

2. Height

snow shovelKeep your height in mind as you browse since snow shovels that are too short or too long require more energy to operate and strain your muscles and joints. Pretend to shovel while bending your knees slightly and flexing your back—if you can’t, you need a different product. Consider handle extensions if you are tall for pain-free shoveling sessions.

3. Grip

See how the snow shovel feels in your hands. Push-style shovels often feature double handles for easier maneuvering. L-shaped handles are padded extensions of the shaft, while T-grips are shorter versions of double handles.

4. Materials

Keep functionality and weight in mind as you choose your snow shovel material. Blades are made either of plastic or metal such as aluminum, with handles sometimes comprised of wood. Plastic models do not add to the weight of snow like metal ones do; however, they cannot cut through icy snow as effectively. If you frequently deal with icy snow but want to avoid back strain, purchase an aluminum push-style shovel.

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