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What is a Hyper Heat Unit and How Can It Benefit My Home? February 4, 2019

Port Chester, Westchester
What is a Hyper Heat Unit and How Can It Benefit My Home?, Port Chester, New York

Winter’s danger zone is when the temperatures fall close to or below zero degrees. While your home’s main heating source is doing all it can to keep the interior warm, it may not be enough. This is when a hyper heat unit can offer a powerful supplement. Below is a helpful guide on how the ductless heating system works and how it can provide benefits for your home.

What is A Hyper Heat Unit?

ductless heatingThe unit is a heat pump that pulls in outside air, heats it through a refrigerant, and circulates the warm air throughout the house. Within this ductless heating source, the refrigerant is one of the key activators. With hyper heat, the refrigerant evaporates at low pressure during freezing weather so that it can absorb heat from outdoors.

Through a series of air changes, the hyper heat unit channels gas, which turns into a liquid vapor that is sent to the system’s separator. Inside the unit is a heat exchanger for extracting residual heat and vapor before it turns into liquid. After the liquid converts to gas, its heat is distributed throughout the home. The cycle repeats during sub-freezing weather so that consistent warmth is maintained indoors.

How Does it Benefit My Home?

A hyper heat unit is designed to kick in when dangerously frigid winter air is present. It fills in the gaps in the home where standard heating systems may not provide enough warmth. You experience just the right comfort in bedrooms, basements, and other drafty spaces. It also provides superior energy efficiency, which saves money on your monthly utility bills. Because it is a ductless heating system, the unit doesn’t take up large amounts of space for duct works, and it’s easy to install.



When the temperatures drop, you want your home to be ready to battle the winter season. A hyper heat unit can offer the reliable and consistent relief you’re seeking. Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling in Westchester County, NY, is your trusted provider of this innovative ductless heating system. To learn more about how the unit can warm and cool your home year round, call (914) 934-8301. Visit their website for information on their heating services. 

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