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How to Keep Your Heavy Equipment in Good Shape February 7, 2019

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How to Keep Your Heavy Equipment in Good Shape, Rochester, New York

Many businesses rely on heavy equipment to keep operations running smoothly. Whether you’re hauling goods in diesel trucks or using construction equipment, keeping these vehicles in good shape should be a priority. Here are a few fleet maintenance tips to protect your equipment—and your bottom line.

A Guide to Fleet Maintenance 

1. Stay Within Load Limits

Use the owner’s manual that came with your equipment as a reference guide, especially regarding what the vehicle can handle. Pay attention to load and hauling limits, and don’t surpass them, as this can strain and damage the engine. If the engine overheats because you try to tow more than your heavy equipment can handle, it could break down. Load and hauling limits vary from vehicle to vehicle, so be sure to check your owner’s manual for your equipment’s exact specifications.

2. Perform Daily Inspections

fleet maintenanceHeavy equipment is often used daily, often more than standard vehicles. As such, inspect your equipment for maintenance issues at the start and end of each workday. Use the owner’s manual to determine when components, such as the brakes or engine’s cooling system, will require a more thorough inspection. Identifying excessive wear and tear or performance issues to bring to a professional mechanic will prevent even more severe damage.

3. Follow Lubrication & Cleaning Guidelines

With so many moving parts, lubrication reduces wear and tear on the heavy equipment’s internal engine components. Follow the recommended lubrication schedule and use products approved by the manufacturer. The use of premium synthetic lubricants will generally keep the engine oil working efficiently for a longer period. Clean the equipment regularly to prevent unnecessary buildups that contribute to rust, corrosion, and electrical damage.


When you have fleet maintenance issues, contact Boss Diesel Service in Monroe County, NY, for affordable, high-quality work. With over 40 years of combined experience, their diesel mechanic team is committed to providing efficient and cost-effective maintenance and repair services. To learn more about their extensive fleet maintenance services or to request a quote, visit them online or call (585) 328-2677.

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