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Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Your Engagement Ring February 4, 2019

Nyack, Rockland County
Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Your Engagement Ring, Nyack, New York

Your engagement ring may be the most emotionally and financially valuable piece of jewelry you’ll ever own. Like your marriage, you want it to last forever. Follow these tips to maintain your engagement ring for a lifetime.


Use gentle cleansers. 

If your ring looks dirty, wash it to help it maintain its sparkle. Soak it in a sudsy mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. After cleaning, rinse your ring in warm water and dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. This type of cleaning is appropriate for almost all rings, regardless of the type of band or setting.

Get it insured. 

Engagement rings are more than just symbols of love; they’re also investments. No matter how well you take care of your ring, insurance is the only way to guard it against serious damage, loss, and theft. Have your ring appraised every few years to make sure your policy covers its current value. 

Have it checked by a professional. 

jewelryIf your ring looks tarnished, dim, or damaged, schedule an appointment with a professional jeweler to examine your ring. They’ll ensure the diamonds are secure in the prongs and check the stones under magnification to look for cracks. They can also perform a deep clean and polishing with a steamer or sonic cleaner. 


Expose it to chemicals. 

Remove your engagement ring or wear rubber gloves to protect it when using bleach or other harsh products. Even the chemicals found in some lotions, sunscreens, and perfumes can damage a precious gemstone and dull the band’s finish. Take your ring off before applying these products and let them absorb into your skin before putting it back on.

Lose track of it. 

Avoid removing your engagement ring in a public place, such as a restroom or locker room. It’s simply too easy to get distracted and forget where you left it. At home, have a designated place where you keep the ring, such as a specific compartment of your jewelry chest or a velvet ring box in your nightstand.

Wear it if it doesn’t fit. 

Weight changes, weather, and illness can cause your fingers to shrink or expand, making your engagement ring too loose or too tight. If it’s too big, you run the risk that it will slip off. If it’s too constrictive, it may cause discomfort or get stuck. If the change is temporary, put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace instead, or leave it at home. If it’s a long-term shift, have a jeweler resize it. 


If your engagement ring could use a cleaning or repair, turn to Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery in Rockland County, NY. Since 1917, they’ve offered a fine selection of designer and custom jewelry. They also offer jewelry repair and maintenance to keep your collection shiny and bright. Call them at (845) 348-0800 or view their inventory online

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