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What Size Generator Is Right for My Needs? February 28, 2019

Wilton, Fairfield County
What Size Generator Is Right for My Needs?, Wilton, Connecticut

Providing a steady source of backup electricity, a propane or gas-powered generator is a great resource to have—especially if your home is prone to experiencing power outages. However, since these devices come in a variety of sizes, it can be difficult to tell which system is right for your home’s power needs. To make sure you’re properly prepared for outage emergencies, here is a brief guide to generator sizes and how much power they can provide your home.

Different Size Generators & the Power Supply They Deliver

Recreational Inverter: Up to 2,000 Watts

Recreational inverters are small lightweight generators that adjust the engine speed to produce varying levels of power to fit your specific needs. But while these convenient devices are more energy-efficient than other options, they only put out about 2,000 watts of electricity. As such, they can only provide enough power to support a refrigerator, a laptop and phone charger, or several lights.

If you use this type of generator, you should only expect it to support the lower end of your electricity needs. Typically, inverters are only able to supply power through standard plugs and are not able to connect to well pumps, furnaces, or circuit breakers.

Portable Generator: Up to 7,500 Watts

propanePropane and gas-powered generators are typically equipped with wheels for easy transportation to indoor and outdoor environments. While they are not as energy-efficient as inverters, they deliver a considerably more generous output of power that can reach up to 7,500 watts of electricity.

Often, these devices are only used to power an assortment of essential appliances—such as refrigerators, power tools, lights, and computing systems. However, higher-output models can be connected to circuit breakers by way of a transfer switch. If done correctly, this connection can allow portable generators to meet most of a small home’s power needs—including what’s required for a well pump and standard-sized furnace.  

Standby Generator: Up to 20,000 Watts

Standby generators are large systems that remain in a fixed position. They are usually connected directly to the home’s power system and will turn on automatically at the first sign of an outage. With ample propane or gas reserves, these devices can put out as much as 20,0000 watts of electricity. This uninterrupted supply can meet all the electrical needs of a large home or small business.


Once you equip your home with the right size generator for your needs, you’ll need to make sure you have enough fuel to keep it going during an outage. If you live in Fairfield County, CT, Servco Oil & Propane offers automatic and emergency delivery of high-quality fuel products—including propane and home heating oil. In addition to fuel delivery, this team also offers comprehensive furnace repair and other heating services to ensure you have all you need to stay comfortable throughout the winter. For more details on these services, visit this provider online. To request assistance, call the Wilton, CT office at (203) 762-7994.

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