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How You Can Celebrate National Bird-Feeding Month This February February 4, 2019

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How You Can Celebrate National Bird-Feeding Month This February, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

There are many different species of birds you can spot in Connecticut, including American robins, black-capped chickadees, and blue jays. But while these animals may be prevalent throughout the state, you’ll need to equip your home with the right resources to spot birds in your backyard. In honor of National Bird-Feeding Month this February, here is how you can attract these winged creatures with a few simple lawn and garden supplies.

What You Should Know About Feeding Birds

What Kind of Food & Water Should I Provide? 

Before building a bird-friendly feeder, gather basic materials found at a hardware store’s lawn and garden section. Some shops offer bird-feeders that can automatically dispense a variety of nutritional foods for local species. When purchasing food, look for thistle seed and black-oil sunflower.

lawn and gardenIn the winter, it also helps to put out suet—a disc of concentrated animal fat that can provide extra protein when other food sources are low. If you’re keen on attracting hummingbirds or Orioles, you might also want to hang up a feeder that is full of nectar—or sugar water. To keep birds hydrated, set up water drips or bubblers. In addition to making water accessible, these devices produce noises that make it easier for birds to know that the resource is available.

How Do I Build a Birdhouse?

Once you have the necessary food and water supplies, it’s important to build a shelter to house the birds in case temperatures drop. To make a standard birdhouse, connect four walls of equally-sized pieces of wood using wood glue and screws. One of these segments should contain a hole that allows birds to enter.

Next, attach a piece of wood on the underside of the walled structure for support. To form a roof, glue two pieces of wood at an angle and screw the connected pieces to the top of the walls. Once the home is dried, attach it to a pole or hang it from a tree branch so that it’s at a height that is comfortable and welcoming for birds.  

Why Are Birdhouses Beneficial?

Birdhouses provide shelter for many different species—especially in the winter when these creatures may require extra warmth. With a comfortable place to live, birds will also help maintain your landscape through their feeding routines. For example, they may eat harmful pests or consume seeds that contribute to weed growth.



Offering a fully-stocked lawn and garden department, Saybrook Hardware makes it easy and affordable to find bird feeders and homes for your backyard. If you’re ready for a project, this hardware store in Old Saybrook, CT, offers ample wood, tool, and paint supplies to help you build a birdhouse from scratch. For questions about available lawn and garden inventory, call (860) 388-3706. Visit their website to view a full list of services. 

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