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4 Tips for Traveling With a MacBook® February 10, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
4 Tips for Traveling With a MacBook®, St. Petersburg, Florida

It’s generally best to leave valuables at home when traveling to protect from loss, theft, and damage. However, there are times you’ll need to take the equipment with you on the road, particularly if you travel for work. Here are a few tips to safely travel with your MacBook® or laptop. 

4 Ways to Travel Safely With Your MacBook

1. Get a Protective Carrier

Laptops are complex devices with many moving parts. These components are vulnerable to damage from everything from impact to moisture, particularly during the constant movement of travel. Protect your equipment by investing in a padded laptop case or backpack. If the bag isn’t waterproof, consider wrapping the laptop in a plastic bag before packing, in case of foul weather.

2. Secure It

MacBookYou should set secure passwords for all of your devices, whether you’re on the road or not. However, it’s particularly crucial when traveling. Not only could your MacBook laptop be stolen, but you’re also vulnerable to hackers while using public Wi-Fi networks. Set up a lock screen on the device, so you must enter a password every time you open the laptop, even if it was only in sleep mode. Make it a complex password with a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Also, consider investing in a virtual private network if you often travel to avoid using public Wi-Fi.

3. Keep It With You

Never take your eyes off of the laptop. Keep it by your side at all times, even when using the restroom. If you need to set it down in the security or customs line at the airport, keep a close eye on it. When you leave your accommodations while traveling, either keep the laptop in a lockable carrier bag on your person or lock it in a safe or another secure place in the hotel room.

4. Back Up Data

Back up all of your data on a USB thumb drive. This will protect you from losing valuable files in the event your MacBook is stolen or the hard drive is damaged. You can either save to the hard drive and make a habit of transferring to the thumb drive daily or save directly to the thumb drive. Keep the thumb drive in a separate place, such as a secure inside pocket of your purse, briefcase, or jacket, so if the laptop bag is stolen, you’ll still have the files. 


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