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3 Paint Suggestions for Small Rooms February 6, 2019

Port Jervis, Orange
3 Paint Suggestions for Small Rooms, Port Jervis, New York

The right interior paint can do wonders for a room. It can cover blemishes, create nearly any mood you desire, make a huge room feel more intimate, or make a small space seem larger. Below are some of the best paint tips to help you enhance a small room, such as a bathroom or den.

Tips for Painting a Small Room

1. Light Colors

Lighter colors reflect light and make small rooms feel larger. Some examples include creams, light grays, and other off-white hues. For an even more dramatic effect, paint trim and moldings an even lighter color, such as bright ivory. This will make the walls feel even further away, making the room appear larger.

2. Bright Colors

PaintIn addition to using light-reflecting colors, you can increase the apparent size of a room by using soft, bright hues. For instance, pastels of yellow, light green, and light blue make a space feel airier. The positive energy they offer contributes to a feeling of spaciousness, as do the fact that these colors are often found in nature, like in sunlight, vegetation, and the sky.

3. Dark, Rich Hues

Instead of trying to make a small space feel like a large one, you can embrace the intimacy of the room and make it feel even cozier. To do this, choose dark, rich hues like browns, deep red, or burnt orange. Dark colors bring the walls closer together and make the space feel warm and snug. This strategy is ideal if you plan to use the room as a place to relax, such as a living room or family room.


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