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What Are the 3 Most Common Driveway Materials? February 6, 2019

Victor, Ontario
What Are the 3 Most Common Driveway Materials?, Victor, New York

Paving your driveway may not seem like a creative project, but once you get started, you’ll see that there are many personal choices to be made. From materials to colors and shapes, driveway design is an art. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect material for your property, consider the following list of popular choices.

A Guide to Popular Driveway Materials

1. Asphalt

It may come as no surprise that asphalt is one of the most popular driveway paving materials. The sleek, black surface enhances any home’s curb appeal and can appear—depending on the street’s material—as an extension of the road itself. In addition to aesthetics, it’s also a practical choice. Since the material is flexible, it can withstand temperature fluctuations in northern climates, and its ability to retain heat makes snow melt faster. Keep in mind that you’ll need to reseal asphalt every three to five years to protect your driveway.

2. Concrete

driveway designIf you’d rather a lighter color that won’t fade in the sun, concrete is a common and affordable choice. It’s also incredibly versatile in its design, as you can change the color of concrete or mold it into a stone-like surface. Concrete driveways are easy to install and don’t have to be sealed, but they’re often more likely to crack than asphalt driveways during low temperatures. 

3. Pavers

Many homeowners choose to line their driveways with individual pavers made of brick or concrete. While this style is one of the more elegant driveway design options, it does come with a higher price tag. Additionally, it requires more labor during installation than asphalt or concrete. However, the cracks between pavers allow for expansion and contraction, so your driveway will adjust to seasonal changes without getting damaged.


If you’re looking for a driveway paving material that suits your needs and preferences, get in touch with Victor Enterprises. This trusted company offers everything from driveway design to hauling, trucking, and excavation services so that you can continue returning to the same team for all your construction needs. To learn more about their driveway design services, visit the website. Call them at (585) 742-2232 to schedule an appointment.

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