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Why Double Capacity Chains Are Perfect for Aggregates February 5, 2019

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Why Double Capacity Chains Are Perfect for Aggregates, Delavan, Wisconsin

While they may not look like more than a bunch of tiny fragments, aggregates like sand and gravel can be enormously heavy in large quantities. Such amounts are commonly found on construction sites, whether in laying the foundation for a future building or forming the landscape, driveway, or other exterior details. To handle these heavy loads, you’ll need top-quality equipment that won’t crack under pressure. One such piece of gear is known as a double capacity roller chain, made for use in machinery that handles aggregates. If you’re not sure why these are superior to single-strand versions, consider the following information.

What Are Roller Chains?

Roller chains are primarily used as liaisons between motors and the components they control. As the motor rotates, it propels the roller chain, which goes on to move everything from aggregates to steel and heavy-duty machinery.

Why Are Double Capacity Chains Better for Aggregates?

roller chainUnlike single-strand chains, double capacity roller chains are specially designed to handle heavier loads. Therefore, they are far less vulnerable to rupturing under the weight. True to their name, double capacity chains can withstand nearly twice the rupture strength of their standard single counterparts. Some even boast life spans of up to 30 times longer than conventional roller chains, as the latter can’t be lubricated.

The resilience of double capacity roller chains comes from the extra plates added to the interior and exterior of the strands. With an acceptable operating temperature of anywhere from 4°F to 158°F, you can rest assured your machinery will withstand outdoor aggregate projects with ease.

Another benefit to using double capacity roller chains for moving large aggregate loads comes down to efficiency. These components take up less space and weigh less than standard double strand chains, so you can achieve more with your heavy-duty machinery.


If you’re eager to upgrade to double capacity roller chains, get in touch with Industrial Component Sales of Bemidji, MN, today. They have supplied top quality parts since 2000, and they now represent 10 different product lines. Whatever you’re looking for — from roller chains to rod ends — they can meet the needs of your company or project. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call 651-270-0151 today.

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