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How to Transfer Your Utility Bills to a New Location Before Moving February 5, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
How to Transfer Your Utility Bills to a New Location Before Moving, Manhattan, New York

Moving to a new home should be exciting, but it can become an ordeal if you forget to switch your utilities. Transferring utilities takes time, and you might even have to pay additional fees in some cases. If you want a fun and hassle-free moving day, make sure you deal with the utilities first before the moving services company arrives.

How to Switch Utilities When Moving

Start by getting organized. Take note of all current utility providers and their information. Next, notify them of your planned move. Electric, phone, cable, and gas companies have their own lead time for disconnecting or connecting services, but make arrangements at least two weeks before you move out. You should also contact the water and sewer companies in your new town and arrange for their services to begin on the day you're moving in.

Provide all your utility service providers with your new address to ensure you'll receive your bills. Ask them if you have any payments due and settle them before leaving your old neighborhood.

What Utilities You Need to Transfer Before Hiring a Moving Service

moving servicePeople don't usually notice how many utility providers they have until they need to move to a new home. To ensure you don't miss any, divide them into key groups. The first group of utilities you need to switch is the essentials—electricity, gas, water, and sewage. Water and sewage systems are usually managed by the local government while gas providers will depend on the energy regulations of your new city.

Once the essentials are covered, you should then deal with your communication and entertainment services. Check with your phone or internet provider if their coverage reaches your new neighborhood. If not, ask your neighbors for recommendations on the best providers to use.


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