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5 Tips to Tell If Gold is Real January 30, 2019

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5 Tips to Tell If Gold is Real, Honolulu, Hawaii

When selling or pawning gold jewelry, you should first confirm if it’s genuine. Gold buyers know the real metal possesses qualities that separate it from others, but not everyone knows how to test for these properties. Learn the many ways to test gold jewelry so you can distinguish real from fake gold.

How to Check If an Item Is Real Gold

1. Find the Hallmark

One sure way to tell if gold is real is by locating a number alongside the letter “K” stamp, or hallmark, on the item. The number represents how much gold is in the metal out of 24 parts. An 18K stamp would mean that it’s 18 parts gold out of 24, making it 75% gold. The “K” stands for carat. On a ring, the hallmark is usually found on the inner rim, but it can be found on the clasp of a necklace.

2. Use a Magnet

Sometimes, you will encounter unmarked gold, in which case you can do a magnet test. The test requires a strong magnet, which genuine gold will not attract. However, some jewelry might have pieces made of a combination of metal and gold.

3. Check for Black & Green Marks

gold buyerSweat, heat, and oils from your skin can react with metals and eventually wear down fake gold, which often results in black and green marks on your skin. Real gold won’t leave a stain even after wearing it for long periods.

4. Look for Discoloration

You don’t need to be a gold buyer to know that rusting and changes in color, lighter or darker, are true indicators that your gold isn’t real. Real gold will not oxidize or tarnish, so it requires little maintenance to keep its original color and shine.

5. Drop It in Water

A glass of water is all that’s needed to test gold without fancy equipment. Drop your gold into the glass to see if it floats or sinks. Because of its density, genuine gold sinks. Even 14K gold, which is mixed with alloys, will sink to the bottom of the glass if it’s genuine.


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