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The Basics of the Pet Stop® Link™ March 4, 2019

Elizabethtown, Hardin
The Basics of the Pet Stop® Link™ , Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Keeping your pets safe while they play outside is a priority, and one way to ensure they remain within secure boundaries is the Pet Stop® Link™ rechargeable collar. The device comes with an array of benefits for both you and your pet. Here are four reasons to invest in this pet fencing accessory today.

Why Choose Pet Stop® Link™?

1. Convenient App

The app, called Link, is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and comes with thousands of features to customize your system to your pet’s needs. The technology is easy to use and even connects to a Pet Stop dealer for real-time assistance and troubleshooting. The app makes it easier to monitor your pet’s activities remotely and will signal when batteries on the collar are low.

2. Lightweight

pet fencingThe rechargeable collar only weighs one ounce, making it just as comfortable for your furry friend as any other collar or leash. It’s the smallest collar available for pet fencing and comes with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Nightlight

The Link Technology features a nightlight to help you locate your pup at any time of day, morning or night. You can adjust levels right from your device as if it were a remote control.

4. Safety & Training

Pet Stop® Link™ technology is the only underground pet fencing system to feature a gentle steps training program. This feature helps your dog adjust to new boundaries and eliminates any stress your dog might feel during the training process. There is also a behavioral training tool within the app along with a fence boundary alert that signals when your dog tests the limits.


Unseen Fencing of Kentucky offers 27 years of experience in keeping pets safe on clients’ property. As a leader in pet fencing, their team ensures you receive the best products, parts, and batteries for underground dog fences in your yard. This includes installation and support when you have questions about your dog fence. To learn more about the Pet Stop® Link™ receiver and connected app, call (502) 595-8426 or stop by their website for more on their hidden fence options.

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