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3 Advantages of Renting a House February 6, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Advantages of Renting a House, Cookeville, Tennessee

For many people, renting a house is the happy medium between renting an apartment or taking the plunge to buy a home. There are many great rental properties out there for you to choose from, so finding your dream home while sticking to your budget is a realistic goal. See a few of the reasons that people choose to go this route and decide whether a rental home is the right choice for you as well.

Reasons to Choose a Home Rental

1. Enjoy the Space & Privacy of a Home

While apartments are a smart choice for many people, there often comes a point in your life when it’s time to move into a single-family home. Having a backyard is ideal for children and pets, for example. And with no neighbors on the other side of the wall, you’ll also enjoy some true privacy and feel that you can spread out a little.

2. Maintain Flexibility

rentalBuying real estate commits you to a certain home for a period of time; if you decide that you want to move in two or three years, you would likely take a financial hit. A rental gives you the complete flexibility to move if you get a new job offer, want to change school districts, or just find another neighborhood that you’d rather live in. This can be valuable when your career and family are in their early stages. Renting also provides the opportunity to discover what you like—and don’t like—in a home, so if you decide to buy one in the future, you’ll know what works for you.

3. Avoid Hefty Financial Obligations

Buying property is often the largest purchase that people make in their lives, and the cost of the home is much more than just the agreed-upon sale price. Costs include your mortgage payment, closing costs, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and more. Generally, homeowners should also expect to invest one percent of their purchase price in maintenance. As a renter, you’ll avoid all those costs and won’t be liable for an unexpected bill when something in the property needs attention.


When you’re ready to find the perfect home for your family, go to Buckner Properties. They have a wide range of desirable homes for rent available throughout Cookeville, TN, and the surrounding area. Once you move into your rental, their property management team will take good care of you every step of the way. Preview some listings online and call (931) 526-2104 to talk with a friendly team member.

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